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Creating Brand Tales By Using Logos To Tell Stories

The significance of a compelling logo design has increased more than ever in today’s dynamic digital landscape. It is the perfect opportunity to represent your brand’s ethics, values, and essence. And you can make the most out of this chance by combining the potential of designing and storytelling. When you launch a logo that tells a fascinating story about your brand, it silently becomes your ambassador. It reveals tales of your origin, vision, and mission.

A perfect logo that tells stories about your brand consists of various elements and is made out of expert strategies. If you want to know further about it, we have discussed it all below. Acquainting yourself with the vital elements and effective design tips would let you create a timeless brand logo.

Vital Elements Of Storytelling To Leverage In Your Logo Design

Here are the vital elements of storytelling that you can leverage to efficiently design your logo:


The most integral of any logo is the symbol that you can wisely choose to make your design memorable. They are the visual shortcuts, which convey complex ideas quickly and conveniently. A well-designed symbol showcases a brand’s entire narrative. For example, the ‘Swoosh’ symbol of the Nike brand isn’t a mere tick, instead, it represents victory and achievement. Similarly, you can wisely choose a symbol for your design that is not only relevant but also a powerful reminder of your brand’s values and journey.

Colour Psychology  :

Colours are not only for decorative purposes, but they are capable of evoking emotions and moods. Choose the colour palette that aligns with the emotions you want to invoke for your brand. For instance, blue often relates to trust and reliability, so use it to demonstrate your company as a trusted partner for your clients.

Red denotes passion and energy that you can consider to showcase your zeal to go the extra mile for your customers’ satisfaction. Similarly, companies who focus on eco-friendliness should prefer a green shade to share their story of sustainability.


Typography has the potential to convey your right voice to your target audience. Different typographic fonts and styles exhibit a different feel. So, first, think about how you want your company to be perceived by your potential customers.

Suppose you want your brand to appear as a reliable and traditional one. So, go for Serif fonts while considering Sans-Serif typographic style to convey modernity and approachability. The weight, spacing, and style of letters all together contribute to the narrative you want to showcase to your potential customers.

Negative Space

Sometimes, what’s not there contributes to the storytelling too. Negative space in your logos can unveil a lot of hidden messages and establish a delightful discovery for your target audience. The wise use of space adds an in-depth layer to your brand’s narrative. It would let you create the best logo design that is more like a puzzle that needs to be unravelled.


Your company dwells in the digital age, where your branding would appear everywhere, from enormous billboards to tiny mobile phone screens. The goal of your storytelling logo design should be to become versatile and maintain its narrative integrity across all mediums. It should be visible in all sizes and different platforms to ensure your brand story remains consistent. Therefore, include elements in a way that they remain readable and credible irrespective of wherever they’re showcased.

Tips For Best Storytelling In Your Logo Design

Here are some helpful tips that you can employ to showcase your best storytelling in your logo design:

Simplicity Is The Key

Have you ever noticed logos of all globally popular companies, such as Nike, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, or McDonalds? If not, take a while to closely observe them and the ones of their worldwide famous brands. You will notice a similarity in that their designs showcase simplicity when it comes to their storytelling. All of them have used very few elements to make their result recognizable and memorable among their audience.

The best thing about simplicity is that it efficiently communicates a brand’s essence at a glance. Similarly, you should approach your design with simplicity and pick elements that promote versatility. Make sure the outcome works well across various mediums and sizes, from tiny icons or huge billboards. It shouldn’t lose clarity and the timeless quality would make your brand symbol relevant for several years to come. Avoid including trendy elements, as this would make your logo outdated soon.

Set A Solid Brand Foundation

Before getting into the designing process, gain clarity about your brand identity. Contemplate to find out who your brand is and what it stands for. What are its primary features and how it solves the problem of people? Once you understand this, it’s like knowing the plot before writing the story. It will guide you to present your narrative in the best possible way through your logo.

Authenticity And Relevance

The story you share with your audience through your logo would be a true reflection of your brand’s essence. Showcasing the authentic self of your company through your brand symbol will let you foster trust among your potential customers. On the other hand, using elements that relate to them would boost the relevance of your company among them. Consequently, it would develop a strong connection between your organization with your prospects. Make sure the story you tell should resonate with the beliefs and aspirations of those you wish to reach.

Animated Logos

The rise of animated logos doesn’t seem to end anytime soon after the surge of digital platforms. It has become a popular tool to breathe life into a brand’s story and narrate about its evolution, ethics, plus aspirations. By designing your symbol thoughtfully, you can create a more immersive and memorable experience.

Similarly, you can exhibit animation on flyers, billboards, handbills, etc. used for promotional purposes. If looking for an agency which helps in your design pursuits, search for ‘design posters near me.’  Hiring the designers within your demographic location would let you come up with a product that greatly aligns with your target market.

Make Storytelling Your Ally

Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or businessman, make storytelling your ally to unlock the ultimate career success. Let it guide you throughout your creative process and enable it to craft logos that narrate its original essence. Presenting a well-told story is a powerful tool to strengthen your branding, increase your recognition, and boost your sales.

Feedback-Driven Adaptation

One of the ways to connect with your potential buyers and establish a supportive community is to take their feedback. Engage with them about how they would like to see your brand symbol or what changes they may want in it. Take them along with you on your branding evolution journey to ensure your brand story remains resonant.

Gather feedback from your audience and ask them to participate in your logo redesigns. Consider their suggestions that are implementable for your design goals to create and enhance your brand’s appeal. It is also your chance to become a favourite company in the eyes of your prospects and clients.

How do you convey a story through a logo?

Wisely combining text and graphic elements into your design would convey your brand’s story. The symbols or imagery you use would effectively make your logo memorable among your potential buyers.

Which logo style is the best?

Abstract styles are currently the best to communicate about your company symbolically. However, be careful about the images you use, as they might be culturally sensitive. Overall, abstract designs work better than other styles if you want to target a global audience for your different products/services.

How can a brand effectively leverage the power of storytelling in its logo design?

Think about what makes your brand unique and interesting. Integrate elements that resonate with your company’s history, mission, or values into your design to appeal to your audience.


Logo design serves as a medium to present your brand story silently to the world. By thoughtfully choosing colours, symbols, typography, shapes, and other elements, you can make your design stand out. It would not only capture the attention of your target audience but also convey the essence of your brand’s story. Strategically design your symbol, rigorously test it, and take your clients’ feedback to create a design that deeply resonates with it. It would leave lasting imprints on your consumers’ minds and let you showcase a unique story.